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Up front, a confession: I pretty blatantly ripped off the idea for this blog post from the author Joe Hill because he wrote one on the same topic here: http://joehillfiction.com/. Thanks, Joe!

Joe is a successful, published author of many great things and yet he still aspires to do more. I, on the other hand , am the author of many (dare I call them great myself?) things, only a few of which have been published or performed. It occurred to me, though, that this post would still be a worthy exercise. Maybe the act of committing to a list of things I still want to do would provide some motivation for those days when the words in the things I’m already doing don’t flow so easily, when the struggle of toiling in obscurity with my latest project (not total obscurity – there is my novel IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME and a handful of short plays.) threatens to push me into vegging out on the couch in front of reruns because it’s easier.

There are so many other awesome writing challenges waiting for me once I get the hang of the ones already in front of me – novels and plays. Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to doing:

  • WRITE A MUSICAL – When I was like seven or eight, my parents took me to my first, big, professional theatrical experience: “Camelot” at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. Honestly, I fell asleep (I WAS only seven, had a big meal, late evening show…), but the memory (of what I did see) has stayed with me. Chanhassen was almost a yearly event for many years after. Even though I don’t sing, dance or read music, and the tiny bit of acting experience I have has been in non-musical shows, I’m still intrigued by musical theatre. I think I’d write something more funny than serious, but with heart – more “Book of Mormon” than “Rent”, though I enjoy both. I’ll do the story and lyrics. Someone else can score it. Hmm…my six-year-old is taking piano lessons. Give her a few years…
  • WRITE A SCREENPLAY – I love writing plays. The challenge of telling the story completely with dialogue and stage directions is fun. There’s no room for lush descriptions and back story you might indulge in in a novel. Every word on the page in a play script goes on the stage. I don’t think, fundamentally, a movie script is much different, yet I’m intimidated. Why? Maybe because the scope of a movie – typically – is bigger than a play? Maybe because I’ve been on stage and have interacted with actors and playwrights and theatrical production people, but have never been behind the scenes of a movie? Maybe. I’ll work up to this one.
  • WRITE A TV SERIES – I don’t mean an episode of a TV series. I mean a whole season or series, start to finish. I think it would be fun to create a show on paper, cast it, see it come to life and then guide the actors/characters through multiple episodes or seasons. I’d either write something quirky like “Community” or “The Office” or something dramatic like “Sherlock” or “Breaking Bad”. Or maybe just something fun like “Doctor Who” or “Eureka”.
  • WRITE A GRAPHIC NOVEL – This one will be tricky. I can’t draw worth anything. I have a hard enough time with hand-writing something, much less trying to draw something recognizable (sorry, anyone on my team in a drawing game). Still, I envy authors like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and others with the vision to see their stories in words AND in drawings. It’s a skill I’d like to develop.
  • WRITE A NOVEL…BUT WITH A COLLABORATOR – I’ve written lots of fiction by myself, but I’m a little intimidated by the idea of writing with a partner. So much so, I’d like to try it someday. With the right project, two heads probably would be better than one. Just got to find the right one.

Right. Enough dreaming of the future. Back to work on the present.



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