Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


There are a lot of things that have been labelled “art”. It’s a wildly subjective term, yet there is a whole host of things we as a collective agree is “art”. There is a lot of other stuff that many would call art, to which others would say, “No friggin’ way that’s art.” Or at best’ they’d say, “Man, I just don’t see it. Pass the drugs.

So! Here’s a list of thing. Some have been deemed to art by the masses. Others are  debated, but often called art. And still others are things that no one normally would call art. But art is subjective. The eye of the beholder is an unpredictable bastard.And the funny thing is, with some things, once you put them next to “art”, you start to think, “Well, maybe…”

So here’s the list, in no particular order. You and your friends can debate what is really “art” and what isn’t. Check your guns at the door.

The Mona Lisa
Ground chuck
“Peanuts” comic strips
The Taj Mahal
Fresh cut grass
The films of Laurel & Hardy

The films of the Coen brothers
The Thinker
Mein Kampf
Warhol’s Campbells soup painting
The Communist Manifesto
The Harry Potter books
Ancient cave paintings in France
A gourmet meal
Autumn leaves
The Bible
A mountain stream
A high school football game
Any Olympic sport
A crucifix in a jar of urine
The bottle cap collection belonging to Bert from Sesame Street
Sunday in the Park With George

Great Wall of China
Venus de Milo
The show “Lost”
Homey Booboo
Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Justin Bieber
The Grand Canyon
The game Monopoly
The video game Diablo
The video game Grand Theft Auto
The works of Mark Twain
The works of Danielle Steel
In the St. Nick of Time by William Pepper (that was shameful. Sorry.)


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