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So, a while back, I wrote this book titled IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME. And now finally you can get it here as an e-book and pretty much everywhere in print.

The book is sort of a Santa Claus story for adults ( because it was about time, I think) set in Santa Claus, Indiana at Christmas. It tells the story of three men having a very crappy holiday. Cameron Jones is a famous author without a recent hit, adrift with emotional problems and the looming loss of his five-year-old daughter when she and his ex-wife move away. His friend Dogwater Hunt is a broke, obsessed alien abductee intent on proving aliens are going to visit Earth on Christmas Eve if the abduction flashbacks induced by holiday lights don’t do him in first. Also, he’d really like a new TV.

And, finally, the third musketeer in our little adventure. The big man himself. Old St. Nick has been jolly for centuries. But he’s tired. So very tired. So Santa quits. Packs up his cookies and milk and moves to Indiana, posing as a relative of Cameron’s ex-wife. The three men end up unwittingly helping each other muddle through the holiday season. To save Christmas, they have to save each other. Oh, and did I mention the imaginary goldfish who swears a lot?

AND GET THIS! If you’re reading this blog on September 23, the e-book version of IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME on Amazon is ABSOLUTELY FREE! Today only! Free! And if September 23 has come and gone already, don’t sweat it, the e-book is only 99 cents. My only request is if you like the book (or any book), leave a review somewhere to help other readers.

NOTE TO YOU INDIE AUTHORS: Yeah, putting your book up for free is uber-scary. This is the first time I’ve done it and it seems strange to just give away my little book baby. But any chance to get new readers is worth it. I think. We’ll see. I’d love to hear other perspectives om this.

ONE MORE TIME: Sunday, 9/23. FREE ALL DAY!  Just 99 cents every other day!

End commercial (I feel icky now, but this book is totally worth it, if I do say so myself.)


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