Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


I typically do three of these blogerific missives each week. This week, I had a book review (The Arimathean by Sean Leary) and a pondering on dealing with life’s chronic stress (What Soothes the Savage You?) Good stuff.

So then it came time to write THE THURSDAY POST.

Full disclosure: I’m really tired. I have a day job. I have a family. I was out of town over the weekend, which is when I usually write these things. So now, as I do finally write this thing, THE THURSDAY POST looms larger, even, than a Monday algebra test.

So I sat down to write.

This is what came out.


Oh, I had ideas. Like, I thought about writing a post on how Romney and Obama finally go head to head in a debate this week. But politics…well, I love a good sparing match as much as anybody, but really there are people who know way more about politics than me who will write for days about the Romney/Obama thrilla in…where are they doing the debate again?

And does it matter really, what I say about politics? Nope. Does it matter much what MOST people say about politics? …Nope.

The only political opinion that matters in a campaign is the one expressed in the voting booth…assuming the machine doesn’t fail.

How many chads will be hanging this election day?

No. No politics this time.

So then I thought about writing a post where I just tell you a story. That’s fun, right? I’ve done it before. Go back through the archive and you’ll find my short story “Food Chain”, which I wrote just for you on the blog. “So, I could do another one,” I thought.

Yeah, only here’s the thing: When I’m not writing the blog or, you know, sleeping, I also write books. At this point, the only one you might have seen is In the St. Nick of Time. I work on my fiction storytelling a lot. For me, the blog is a way to write something else. Like when rock stars think they can act in movies. Or heart surgeons perform ritual sacrifices. You’ve probably got something like that too (put the knife down); a diversion that gets you out of your rut. No rutting here either.

So no story this week. Maybe another time though. The stories are fun.

So THEN, I thought, I could do a dissertation on the philosophical underpinnings inherent in the entire Disney canon vis-a-vis Pixar’s usurpation of the dominant themes of good versus evil and talking potato heads who dump loads of plastic face pieces when they get scared.

But who really wants to read THAT again.

I could do a post about writing. But that’s  a little existential, isn’t it? I’m not really sure what “existential” is, but this sounds like it. Or maybe it’s meta. “Whoa, writing about writing is so meta.” Yeah, that feels good too.

But no. There are a lot of great writing blogs. (Like this one) And I’m sure in the coming weeks, I’ll write about writing. Just not into it today.

So I am at a loss. What SHOULD I write about this time? This THURSDAY POST will be the death of me. What will I do. WHAT. WILL. I. DO?

Oh, hey, look at that. It’s done.


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