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I’m writing a book.

Several actually.

In 2008, before e-books really became a thing, I published in print IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME . This year, I re-released it as an e-book.

And I’m thinking about doing it again.

Soon maybe.

But here’s the quandary: if I’m an indie publisher, do I go print or e-book or both? In 2008, there wasn’t really much choice. In 2012, there obviously is.

If I just go e-book, the production time is shortened. No printing.  Cover designing, of course, but it’s not as extensive. Just format the document and upload it to wherever it’s being sold. The cost to produce the book is lowered, which means the price could be lower (that’s controversial, of course.) But then all I’ve got is an e- book. Readers who prefer print books are shut out. Someday, my kids, or their kids, might only read books electronically. But that day isn’t today.

I have a lot of e- books and I enjoy the convenience. Still, any book I read that way feels less….substantial, less there. Nothing about the content, just the experience of reading. Plus, as the author, I am more drawn to having a printed book to hold in my hands and flash at girls – readers! I meant all readers! Honest! Happily married!

For that reason, I would hate to not have my next book in print. Still, I’m not Random House. If a can sell a quality product as an e- book and not have to ask you to pay as much…well, there’s much to think about.

E-book v. Print. What are your thoughts?


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