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Soup is a funny word. “Soup” the food is tasty, usually, but “soup” the word is not.

Soup soup soup. Sounds a little like poop, but it’s not.

Or maybe something you say when you feel like cursing, but can’t. “Oh, soup it!”

Quizzical is another funny word. It’s one of those words that, when you say it, makes you feel like the very characteristic the word describes.

I also like plunger because when you say “plunger” your voice sounds just like the noise of a plunger doing it’s job.

Titanium sounds like something really strong. And it is.

Saying the word tantrum makes me feel like having one.

Foreskin. Need I say more?

Baloney (or, if you prefer, bologna), is funny too. I use it a lot with the kids since it is generally bad form to curse them out. Still, saying “that’s baloney,” might get your point across, but it lacks the same punch.

Antidisestablishmentarianism. Longest word in the English language. C’mon, what’s not to like?

So. Some people will tell you IF is the most powerful two-letter word in the English language. But for my money SO has IF beat. “If this, then that” has the power to change lives, sure, but “This happened, SO I’m gonna…” leaves you open to an infinite range of possibilities. Ponder that.

Rigatoni tastes great, but sure sounds funny. Try not to giggle while you eat at Olive Garden tonight, you’ll choke.

Lambaste is an interesting one because it actually has nothing to do with lamb for dinner.

Deoxyribonucleic acid sounds exactly like what you think it should be. Truth in advertising.

Fetish  sounds like “furtive” and  is slightly off-putting, which seems appropriate.

If you write me a good, short, comment-length story using all these words, I might change my mind. Until then, color me unimpressed. Challenge extended…?



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