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Today’s post is brought to you by the word LOOSE. And the letter “L” naturally. Also the number 305u3-2123i4iu404-3=30u4- which, yes I know,  includes some symbols that aren’t numbers. God, you’re picky.

Anyway, this week’s post is all about the …what? Virtue? Defect? Mere state of being? The characteristic of being LOOSE.

You’re nervous where this is going, aren’t you?

Loose lips. They sink ships, you know.  Loose teeth. Loose morals. Nothing good ever comes with “loose” attached to it. You’d think it would. People seem to like loose things (steady, perv). “Loosen that pickle jar lid,” they say. Or, “Just relax, man. Hang loose.” See? It should be a positive word.

Not like “lose”. Lose is bad. A team loses the game. You lose your keys, or your mind, or your sanity. You lose a loved one. You can’t even win for losing. Someone who is “loose” might be a hit at the party. But someone who is a loser goes home alone.

But I still have hope for “loose,” sinners not withstanding. It’s not like “lost”. Lost is bleak. Lost denotes an ending. It’s over. You’re done. Everything – or one particular thing as the case may be – is LOST. Lost causes. Lost hopes. Lost innocence.

It’s fun to play around with language. Take a word, any word, roll it around in your mouth and see what falls out. (Hopefully not phlegm, unless that’s the word you chose in which case – kudos!) It’s a fun time killer waiting for the train or waiting for Uncle Merv to stop talking about his bunion surgery again. And, for your writers, it can spark some creativity. Down there, below this post, give me a 50-100 word story featuring the word LOOSE. You’ll get nothing in return from me (except gratitude), but you just might jump-start your oomph (or something) to get your short story/novel/poem finished. Don’t forget to remember me in the acknowledgements.

If you’ve read this far, I assume you feel the same way about words. That, or you’ve gotten tired of the relatives visiting for the holidays already and are desperate for something to do until it’s time to break out the alcohol. Actually, this post might be better with a little something to drink.

Pardon me while I hit the liquor cabinet.


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One thought on “LOOSE

  1. “Okay, I admit, you were right. This house is better than other across town.” Jess conceded, pushing curls out of her face.
    “HA! I knew it! I knew!” Mike jumped around, relishing his new home purchase. Jess walked across the wood floor slowly, taking in everything she saw and felt. Her ballet flats clipped loudly until she paused, poking at a spot on the floor.
    “Mike? Hey, this part is loose.”
    “Loose? What do you mean?” Mike joined her.
    “Loose, as in not as tight as the rest of the wood, stupid.” Jess retorted.
    They stood, staring at the spot until Mike hit it knees and started yanking on the floorboards.
    “MIKE! We just closed! What the hell are you doing??” Jess yelled.
    “Well, I can’t have a loose board!” Mike said as he tossed the board aside.
    All arguing about the board ceased when they saw what was waiting beneath. Stacks and stacks of crisp, green $100 bills.
    “Holy shit.” Jess whispered.
    “Told you I can’t have a loose board.” replied Mike.

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