Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


A look back at the past year, presented in the style of “Goodnight Moon”, the popular children’s book.
(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

In the year gone by
There were elections

And a fiscal cliff
And a picture of –

Mickey Mouse as a Wookie (not really, but it’s coming)

And there were scandals a-plenty – like Petraeus and Elmo

And two deceased “Sweathogs” – Epstein and Horshack
And the Olympics in London with Mars Curiosity overhead

And Apple sued Samsung

And no one to Facebook’s IPO rushed

And a bunch of states told gay marriage haters to “hush”

Goodnight Kodak

Goodnight bacon shortage (dodged a bullet there!)

Goodnight “Soul Train” Don Cornelius – Yukon Cornelius lives still

Goodnight Whitney Houston and George McGovern
And Continental Airlines
Goodnight Nora Ephron and space jumper Felix Baumgartner
Goodnight Monkee Davey Jones and disgraced Lance Armstrong

Goodnight Hostess

And goodnight Gore Vidal

Goodnight hurricanes and earthquakes and replacement refs
And goodnight politicians talking way too much about vaginas

Goodnight Space X private cargo rocket with James Doohan’s ashes

And goodnight North Korean rockets, Syrian revolution

Goodnight Ernest Borgnine and Sherman Hemsley

And goodnight Ear Scruggs, Andy Griffith and Sally Ride

Goodnight Dick Clark and Mike Wallace and Neil Armstrong

Goodnight union battles and Penn State horrors

And goodnight to Supreme Court who told Obamacare critics to “hush”

Goodnight Colorado

Goodnight Connecticut

Goodnight violence everywhere

BRING ON 2013!


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