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Remember that show “Lost”? That was a good show. I miss it.

There’s a new show on NBC that debuted last fall called “Revolution” and it has a definite “Lost” feel. The series opened fifteen years after a nation-wide (World-wide? Well, we don’t know yet) mysterious (and permanent?) power blackout plunged everyone back to pioneer days. Every single electronic device instantly quit working and has been dead since. The government has crumbled and the country is divided into different territories, each controlled by a repressive militia. What the world and the cast of main characters – militia and revolutionaries – were like before the world changed is told in bits and pieces in flashbacks. Oh, and the show is not shy about killing off main characters, just like “Lost”.

Full disclosure, I DVR the show and I’m several episodes behind (no spoilers if you comment, please), but am enjoying it very much.

Or…at least I WAS.

I was until I experienced my own personal “Revolution.” How did this horrible fate crash down upon me like all those airplanes and cars when the power shut down on the show? It’s almost too horrible to commit to paper…er pixels. Well, here it is.

My key fob doesn’t work anymore. You know, that thing on your key chain that you get with any car you bought in the last thirty years with the buttons to unlock/lock the doors, open the trunk, sound the alarm, whatever? Yeah, I’ve got one but it doesn’t work. It did work; worked just fine for many years. Now, kaput. Granted, my car is ten-years-old, but I always assumed, baring some sort of catastrophic external force like a train runs over it or something, this thing would last forever.  But it didn’t. And it’s not like you can just run to Walgreens pick up a couple lithium batteries, unscrew the back of the fob and throw ’em in. Oh, no, that would be TOO EASY. The fobs are constructed that way.

Hmmm. Could the Monroe Militia be behind this? (Seriously. Watch the show.) Maybe the inventor of the fob was in on it all along! Keep an eye on your fobs, people (not a euphamism). This could be the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it.

So now, I’m reduced to having to lock and unlock my car by actually sticking my key in the lock and turning it.  And I can’t unlock my car from a hundred feet away. I actually have to stand there for four seconds unlocking the door before I can get in. The humanity!

How on earth did Miles Standish ever live like this?



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