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So, for Christmas, I got a very simplified home brewing kit and mixed up a batch of hard apple cider. The stuff is pre-mixed, you just sterilize everything, mix it up, add the yeast and ferment. It came out pretty well. Bubbly. Tasty. Good stuff.

But it’s not homebrewed beer.


For my recent birthday, I got a bunch of new mixes. Beer mixes. A variety of domestic and international brews. There’s a “patriot lager” fermenting right now.

I’m enjoying this new activity immensely. I hesitate to call it a hobby yet. Time will tell if this is a passing diversion or if it will stick as a part of me, like “Doctor Who” or my great passion for carving unicorns from old Ikea furniture.

At some point, I will get the bug to do a true homebrew: recipes, bags of grain, thermometers, the whole bit. I’m really scared about this. I fear you need a palate for this. Is it too yeasty? Too hoppy? Too, uh, chocolately? I don’t think I have a palate. Well, I do, but it’s a lazy bastard. I know if something tastes good to me, but damned if I can tell you why.

But still, I’ll be compelled to do a true brew someday. I know this will happen. And if I grow a palate and thereby survive the process, I’ll also know that what I have is not just a flash in the keg…er pan. It’s a hobby.

I look forward to that day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go stare at yeast fermenting and count the days until bottling commences.

It’s what I do now.


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