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In the March 7 Dork Tower comic strip, a character muses how he’d love to write a novel, but just doesn’t have the time. That’s upwards of 60,0000 to 100,000 words! Then he decides to tweet about his lack of time – his 52,000th tweet or about a million and a half words.

That’s funny.

‘Cause it’s true.

Here’s the strip. Go laugh, then come back.

Writers do spend a lot of time on Twitter. They spend a lot of time playing with the cat, getting snacks and packaging toe jam for future reference too. But Twitter, in particular, has captivated them.

Why? Well, honestly, it’s partly to promote their work, or their “brand” by mixing it up with their fans and anyone who could become a fan.

But we also like Twitter because we’re lonely lonely LONELY people. Being a writer requires bring okay with being alone a lot. We’re okay with that. But sometimes that witty comment or interesting observation won’t wait until the spouse comes home. So we inflict ourselves on Twitter.

Does time spent doing that take away from writing time? Maybe a little. Writers who juggle writing time with full time day jobs and family that like them enough to want to see them once in a while feel this acutely. Writing in short bursts here and there is hard, especially with a long form work like a novel. It’s hard to see the whole picture when you can only take time to look at a few pages in any one sitting. Carving out even more time for Twitter seems to undermine the goal. right?

I’m not sure about that. Twitter provides me with contacts, tips for finding info I need to improve the work, and just plain fun. Fun is good for the brain. In moderation, as with all things except alcohol and chocolate chip cookies where more is definitely MORE, Twitter is a good thing. I spend less time actually writing the novel, but I think the quality is better.

At least that’s what I tell myself. You may disagree. Go ahead and comment if you want to disagree. I dare you. Tell me your favorite time waster- er, guilty pleasure – er, productivity enhancer.

I won’t be looking anyway. Too busy with the cat video link I just got off Twitter. Pass the Cheez-Its.


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