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So, this is happening:

NEWGROUND playwrights fest

I am one of the seven playwrights who wrote one of the eight one-act plays, four of which will go up each night. My play FERGUSON PAYNE’S SOLE PROBLEM will go on as a quasi-hybrid staged reading/full performance-thingy (it’ll be good, trust us) in “Group 1” on April 19, 21 and 27. Check out New Ground Theatre’s website for more information.

Here’s a bit from the press release:


(Performances Friday, April 19th, Sunday, April 21st and Saturday, April 27th)

Ferguson Payne’s Sole Problem by William Allen Pepper; directed by David Turley

A play set inside a weary author’s head when his characters start questioning their fate. Abe Lincoln appears as himself (and footwear and doughnuts also appear as themselves).

Leap Day by Dana Moss Petersen; directed by Patrick Gimm

A chance encounter leads one person to their dreams and another to let go of the past.

The Return by Dee Canfield; directed by Don Hazen

Past and present generations connect when a young woman delves into family secrets. Will the truth further estrange her from her family, or help her to make peace with the past?

The Backfired Message by Jason Platt; directed by Patrick Gimm

A humorous look at relationships, business and other forms of insanity all centered around a fortune cookie.


(Performances: Saturday, April 20th; Friday, April 26th, and Sunday, April 28th)

The Red Oven by Devin Hansen; directed by Don Hazen

A comedic portrayal of a young man in the projection booth of an old theatre who meets three iconic screen legends with their own selfish agendas.

Potsdam by Shea Doyle; directed by Chris Jansen

1706 Farnum by Mary Kay Gale; directed by Chris Jansen

A woman returns to her home after her estranged mother dies. Is it to help the survivors, or unburden her conscience?

Saying Goodbye by Dana Moss Petersen; directed by Don Hazen

A heartfelt tribute to the playwright’s grandparents.

Go on. Take a chance on these! Support local theatre! What have you got to lose? If you hate ALL the plays (and, really, what are the odds of that?), you can always go get drunk later and forget them.


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