Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


Every so often, I think, “Man, X was really awesome. I wish I had more X.” Then, I think, “Goddamn, that sounds way too much like algebra. I need a drink.”

The point is, we all experience things – food, drink, film, lubricants or other myriad experiences we crave to have again. Sensory overloads or deprivations we can’t wait to strap into again.

I thought it would be fun to compile a few of those cravings of my own here. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

A third season of “Flight of the Conchords”. Sure, Brett went on to win an Oscar for “Man or Muppet” from “The Muppets”, but Jermaine needs you, man! And so do I.

The return of Pizza Supreme flavor Doritos. Seriously. I WANT THEM RIGHT NOW.

An “X-Files” movie that finally climaxes the mythology arc of the show. That sounds weird. And sort of dirty. According to the mythology woven throughout the nine seasons of the show, the aliens that were present on Earth long before humans and became the black oil (or something) were set to re-colonize the Earth in 2012. How awesome would it have been to have a movie come out IN 2012 where Mulder and Scully kick alien ass? Sure, that boat has sailed (stupid calendar), but they could still do a great movie. Come on, Chris Carter! And, hey, Vince Gilligan, “Breaking Bad” is about done. You’re looking for work, right?

A simpler time, by which I mean 1979. When I was my kids’ age, outside of school, I had almost no “structured” time whatsoever. And I was fine with that. I ran all over, biked or walked to and from school and to friends’ houses. Stayed out until dark. Didn’t have a whole lot of after-school activities. And now, as an adult, I’m only a little weird. I sometimes feel like my kids, whose whole days are monitored and structured might be missing out on something.

A “Greatest American Hero” remake. Remember that show? William Katt played a high school teacher who gets stuck in the desert with Robert Culp’s FBI agent. Some space aliens hand Ralph a suit and cape that gives him super powers, but he loses the instruction manual. The whole show was Culp and Katt fighting crime with Katt usually crashing into things because he didn’t know how to fly. The plots were thin, but the chemistry of the characters and the concept were good. Ten-year-old me ate it up. In the modern age, post 9-11, an age of environmental awareness (sort of), threats of terrorism, and, frankly, a need to laugh a little too this could work if someone was serious about a quality show. Make it happen, Hollywood. I’m waiting. *Taps foot impatiently.*

Sleep. If you have young children, you know what I’m talking about….what were we talking about?


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