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So, I recently spent a weekend in St. Louis at the Missouri Writers Guild annual conference. It was a great time. As much as your friends and family may support what you do – whether it’s writing or model railroading or serial killing – there’s nothing like spending time with others who aren’t just supportive, but actually understand what it’s like to do what you do.

I arrived on Friday night to discover a hotel overrun with writers. But not just writers. Turns out ours was not the only event the hotel was hosting. There were also dancers, child beauty queens (think “Toddlers in Tiaras”) AND old people who build miniature replicas of stuff. My little writer-heart soared. SO. MUCH.MATERIAL.

So, after the obligatory turf war, the conference got under way. Took a while to get my wind back. Let me tell you, you get pounded in the tenders by a toddler running at full speed with a head full of hair-spray, well, you don’t walk that off right away.

After that though, it was a weekend full of enlightening workshops on a range of topics. Something for everyone from the person who has yet to put pen to paper to someone published several times over, wondering what to do next. There was quiet time for actual writing and lots of time to chat with very nice literary agents, editors and others. I got to bounce some of my ideas off people who may or may not help make them become reality, but were still great sources of advice and encouragement.

Oh, there was lots of food and a bar too.

And then I went home. Tired, but inspired. When you work in a vacuum, as writers often do, it’s easy to forget you’re not alone. If you write and want the public to consume your wares (that sounds dirty), you owe it to yourself to find a conference near you and go. You’ll thank me. Hopefully with alcohol.


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  1. I was at that conference too! Did you happen to pitch to any agents while you were there?

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