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You like things. You have preferences and beliefs. You’d rather do this than that.

All of this defines you. Its how you live. It’s the stuff that you put on your eHarmony  profile. Not that I would know! *Quickly deletes his GoodTimeMonkeyMan456 profile*

Good for you, sticking to your guns – which is in vogue, by the way, gun-sticking. Thanks, NRA – and not letting anyone tell you you’re wrong.

Except all the people who do.

Rest assured, whatever you like, there are lots of other people who think that thing sucks.

That band is great!

It blows.

Only publish with a large publishing house!

Bah! Small presses are the saviour of publishing.

Screw you both! Self-publishing all the way, baby!

I like chocolate.

Give me strawberry.

Sometimes, it’s tough to voice a preference. In a crowd where everyone else is voting contrary to you, it’s less…troublesome?… to just say, “Oh, well, whatever you’re having then.”

This is the part where I should say, “Don’t back down!” “Fight back!” “Stick to your beliefs!” “More stuff with exclamation points!”

But you know that already.

You also know that sometimes you discover maybe your thing really does suck.

That’s the thing about belief. Belief needs to be cultivated and protected, but it also needs to be fed with new information once in a while. If it is, sometimes belief just gets deeper. And sometimes, belief turns into sometime else entirely. And that’s okay, so long as it’s a reasoned changed. No sudden lurching from “I like daisies to donkeys make the best friends!”

There’s a lot of stuff in the world compelling all of us to take sides. Issues both big (terrorism) and small (what the hell did they do to “Downton Abbey”?) We’re pushed now more than ever to see things black and white. To TAKE A STAND, for god’s sake.

You want my advice. Do your own thing. Just never forget that the world is huge with lots of questions and answers to those questions, most of which you do not possess.

But the next person you talk to just might.

So say what you think, but then shut up and listen once in a while.

You might be surprised what you hear.

This might be a good time to end this post.


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One thought on “YOUR THING SUCKS

  1. Todd R Williams on said:

    Lend often thy ear by few thy voice. Also, if you suck, try to suck great!

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