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This isn’t really a review of this week’s series (or “season” if you prefer) 7 finale of Doctor Who. If you’re reading this, you hvae probably seen it, have your own opinions, and have read who knows how many other reviews. Still, this would be the time to warn you thusly:


So, with that disclaimer, let’s proceed.

Having had time to ponder the episode, these are just some thoughts and reactions.

For the first time since…I dunno… End of Time?…I was jaw-droppingly stunned. In a good way. All those past Doctor cameos…wow.

Question: I barely caught a fleeting glimpse of the 10th Doctor and didn’t see 8 at all (though I’ve read there was a glimpse of him just before 2 runs across the screen. On second viewing, I can kind of see it, but it’s certainly fleeting.). None of the old docs had a lot of screen time, but could the relative lack of 8 and 10 hint at a bigger role for them in the November 50th special? We already know 10 is definitely in… Dunno. Could just be wishful thinking.

So, we’ve got hints that, aside from Trenzalore being where the Doctor’s tomb is, something big happened to put him there. Time War, maybe? Will the 50th be all about the time war? The Doctor hs claimed responsibility for locking away the Daleks and Time Lords to stop the war, but which Doctor, precisely fought the war? All of them?

Where dies John Hurt’s “Doctor” fit in? We were told the evil Valeyard was the Doctor’s last incarnation, so who is this guy? Is he really the last Doctor? Could he instead be the first Doctor, the one all the others have been running through time and space to leave behind? Could he somehow be an older version of an existing doctor?

Clara. I’m liking the idea of infinite copies of Clara spread throughout time and space, but still a little underwhelmed, frankly, with the character. For someone who is so many different people, we’ve only really seen three: Oswin, Victorian Clara and “modern” Clara. Maybe if every episode this season had featured a different Clara. But would that have given something away? The revamped Doctor Who that started in 2005 has been preoccupied with spunky, hot young women as companions. The old series did it too, but that at least had a few men sprinkled throughout. And even a tin dog. Sure, new series had Rory. That’s one, I guess.

Why is the tomb TARDIS interior just like 11’s? Surely by the time The Doctor eventually dies, he will have redecorated. It may be nothing, but it feels like a plot complication to me.

I kind of dig the idea of the dead Doctor being just a pulsating scar on the time vortex.

The Doctor very specifically says John Hurt is “me”, but he does NOT say “future” me. He strongly implies the man is an alternate version of himself that goes by whatever The Doctor’s real name is.

“What I did, I did in the name of peace and sanity.”

“I know. But not in the name of The Doctor.”

It’s gonna be a long wait until November…


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