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So a bridge collapsed in Washington State. Same thing happened in Minneapolis a while back.

We as a collective society shake our heads at the way our leaders failed us yet again by letting this happen; the leaders we elected. But then we sweep up the rubble, count the casualties and move on.

Another “report card” comes out about our failing schools. Then we slash budgets and decry “greedy” teachers while cutting their resources and increasing their class sizes.

Entire neighborhoods in large cities consist of little more than empty storefronts; entire small towns are becoming ghost towns and what schools they have “consolidate” so they can survive.

Increasingly, the quality of health care you get depends on how much money you have. Gas prices rice and fall on the whims of oil companies. Companies of all stripes are “people” for purposes of secretly donating to political campaigns, but more or less untouchable entities when it comes to everything else.

The NRA shouts louder than angry, grieving parents and wins. Again. For reasons almost no one but the NRA could ever understand.

I have a day job which is quite pointedly centered on people disagreeing: with each other, with me, with the system. People have always been angry about one thing or another. These days, they’re something beyond angry. Not even sure what to call it.

I don’t really have a specific point here.

Well, maybe I kind of do. In so many ways, the US is the greatest country in the world. And, yet, there are still so many things it sucks at. The nice thing is, though, we keep trying. We fall on our asses a lot. Then we get up and try again. In many ways, about now, feels like we’re losing the battle. But, as they say, the war rages on.

Just felt like saying that.

I’ll be back to Doctor Who or something next time.


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