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With three-dimensional printers becoming more reasonably priced, the creative possibilities are endless. Being able to click on a button and produce a 3D, plastic representation of just about anything you want is a natural, provocative avenue for author promotion. Also, you know, fake dog poop on demand.

A while back, I wrote book. *SOUND THE ALARM! BLATANT, SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!* This one. It’s a Santa Claus story, but for adults. How cool would it have been if 3D printers were around that first Christmas it came out? I could have offered little ornaments tied into the book. Like, say, a representation of a dog peeing on Santa’s head. (I did mention it was for adults right?)

But authors can do stuff like that now. Representations of things from the book, fancy covers. ACTION FIGURES! A lot of it would be free promotional giveaways, but some of it you could sell for supplemental income.

When I do another book, I think I’ll sell a series of little author figurines, perhaps a line titled “SCENES FROM THE AUTHOR’S PROCESS” or “THE AUTHOR LIFE” or “FRED”. I’m still working on titles.

Each figure will depict something from behind the scenes of how a writer creates a book. One bust will show the writer at her desk, typing away on another story. Another will show the author reading her story for the multitude of adoring fans. A third one could feature an author ripping the barista a new one when she forgets the extra espresso shot in his coffee. Maybe another figure could show the author lying in a pool of his own filth after a bad review. The little plastic representations of liquor bottles could be sold separately. Collect all twelve!

I’m excited by this new frontier of artistic promotion. And let’s be totally honest, I’m MOST excited about the idea of an action figure based on me. If someone wants to send me $2,000 for a 3D printer so that I can make one, that would be awesome. Just let me know in the comments section when the money will get here.

I’ll wait…

While you’re at it, what sort of premiums would you like to see your favorite authors offer as tie-ins with their books? Would you expect them to be free or would you be willing to pay?


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