Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


I haven’t had a fish fry in a long time.

I don’t mean picking up Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks at the grocery store and nuking them.

I mean, go catch a fish, clean it, get some good ingredients and fry it up. Some fries on the side, maybe some beans and some crusty bread.


Been a long time…

I miss summer vacation. I don’t mean “summer vacations” where you take your paid time off from work and haul the kids to Disneyland. I mean, being a kid and having an entire summer with NOTHING to do. I wish I realized then the promise and the potential in having an entire three months ahead of you with no responsibilities other than to live life. I would have made better use of my time.

I miss “The Tonight Show”. Not the Jay Leno Show, the classic Johnny Carson Tonight Show, back in an era when a late night talk show was unique, a television event.

I miss having the time and focus to learn and master video games, without the guilt of having spent that time to do it.

I miss cartoons at the movies. I’m not old enough to remember news reels and a LOT of cartoons before the main feature, but I do remember, sort of, being dropped off at the movies as a kid alone or with friends (imagine doing that now) and seeing, before the feature, a Woody Woodpecker or something.

This is just the sort of stuff I think about.


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