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This is my writing area. Actually this is the tidy version of my writing area. It usually looks far, far worse.

Yes, I do have Daleks and Snoopy on my desk. It’s hard to see, but there’s also a box of Pop Tarts. That’s how I roll.

Yeah, my wife thinks I’m a dork too.

BUT…based on the results of some studies done at University of Minnesota recently, I should be a flippin’ genius-dork.

Much to their own surprise, scientists concluded after some experiments, that working in a cluttered office actually, somehow, enhances creativity, originality and a search for novelty.  The scientists don’t draw any real conclusions other than there’s something about orderliness that kills free thinking.

I have something to say about this. Hang on…

*shoves aside a pile of paper*

*no, the other pile*

*no the other other pile*

*Eww. Is that a ham sandwich?*

Oh, here it is:

Messy offices make you smarter, you say? DUH.

Judging by the typical state of my office, my thinking is running free all over the place; a wild, naked jaybird of ideas with its wang of creative thinking flapping in the novelty breeze.

I’m the guy who owns electronic devices with no less than – what? – a half dozen notepad apps. Yet, I hardly use any of them. Hell, look at my laptop. It’s covered in post-its.

I constantly have scraps of scribbled-on paper in my pockets.

I read somewhere once that some people who tend to pile stuff have their own system of organization. What looks like a jumble to you, is  a filing cabinet to me. Need the Sniggerson Contract? Well, it ‘s right here in the middle of this stack just above the 2008 “Family Circus” calendar and below the “Girls of the Big Ten” pictorial (I SWEAR I don’t know how that got in there.)

I’m pretty sure every office in the Congressional office building is neat as a pin. Not a lot of original thinking going on there.

Great, topical jokes like that are what a messy office will do for you. Thanks, University of Minnesota!


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