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Santa Claus is comin’ to town. And he’s packin’.

So, I drove by a local gun shop. The big sign out front touted the store’s guns and ammo “Christmas layaway” deals.

Guns for Christmas? Really?

That’s a little like giving somebody a surprise puppy or bunny for Christmas. Sure, it’s cute and fun right out of the box, but then…Rover accidental shoots you in the foot.

Okay, probably not. But buying someone a gun as a gift is a bad idea. A gun is a scary complicated piece of hardware not to be purchased lightly under any circumstances, and especially by someone other than the person who is going to use it.

If someone is legally allowed to have a gun, let them go get it.


I admit that I don’t get the appeal of gun ownership, but I do understand there are many who do. However, linking holiday shopping to a gun purchase just likens it to buying a new watch or iPad or a DVD box set. But buying a gun is different. You aren’t investing in your hobby, you’re buying a tool designed to kill. Whatever your stated reason to own one, that’s what a gun is for; not shooting skeet, not target practice, just for taking lives. A gun isn’t a festive holiday bouquet. It’s a weapon. Show it the respect it deserves, at least.

Ho ho ho.

Falalalala blam blam blam!


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