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The family bought a new car recently; a nice, practical, family car. No candy-apple red, mid-life crisis-mobile for me. I’m a nerd, so my mid-life crisis tends to manifest as Doctor Who toys and Legos of all variety.

The joy of getting the key to your new car is second only to getting the keys to your new house and wandering through its seemingly endless spaces not yet cluttered with your shit. In both instances, the pride of ownership surges forth, drowning, for the moment, the Smaug-esque ferocity of new debt. (told you I was a nerd.)

As with all new cars, mine had what you want in the new car experience: plastic covering the floor mats. That new car smell – a distinctive, if nonspecific, scent. The experience even offered up a bonus “this is so awesome” moment when I discovered that the pointy part of the key folds into the fob and opens again with the push of a button. Johnny Switchblade – Action Adventure Key Master.

When you pick up the house keys or car keys, all at once your old residence or vehicle is just that: some old, vaguely familiar relic of your past. You’ve moved on. The castle is yours. The highway is your personal driveway. So, go ahead, put on your speedo and flip flops and plant your lawn chair smack dab in the middle of that driveway. It’s all yours. You’re the ACTION ADVENTURE KEY MASTER now.

Breathe in the new car smell of life. Ahhhh!


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One thought on “THAT NEW CAR SMELL

  1. Born to Volkswagon loving parents who thought sports car meant a Honda Accord in their 40s, I’m now where they were. With 3 kids to put thru college, sadly my mid-life crisis better cost under $10. I already see the male/female difference in my kids. My college aged daughter was thrilled to get a hand-me-down Honda w/ 120k miles. My recently got his permit 16 yr old thinks if a car doesn’t have the letters GT associated with it, then it might as well be a hot wheel.

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