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I don’t like girls very much.

Well, I mean, I do. I have a wife. A mom. A daughter. Various assorted relatives and friends and acquaintances. I like all of them.

But I also don’t.

Before you fire up the Internet complaint-mobile, let me explain.

It’s not that I don’t like girls. It’s just that I find them frustrating, especially at gift-giving times like, I don’t know, Christmas.

My wife would disagree, but I think I’m easy to shop for. If it’s a book or something with “Doctor Who” on it or a Lego something or other, I’ll probably like it.

She, on the other hand…oi. Well, I try my best and she’s polite enough not to complain about my efforts.

I have a son, four-years-old. I mention him a lot on Twitter (follow me at @carnivalofgee) He’s easy. Cars. Trains. Superheroes. Legos. I’m even slowly getting him indoctrinated to “Doctor Who”.

But the girl…well, for one thing, she’s eight. And a very advanced eight, at that. She reads well beyond her grade level, does math for fun, walks around with the attitude of a fifteen-year-old. What the hell do I get her? She likes Barbies and what not, but gets bored with them quickly. Grade school toys and a lot of entertainment options are too baby for her. Most of the music and film out there is too mature.

She’s frustrating me.

Just like a good daughter should.

Hey! I can say it now! Thought I’d save this for later, but…

“Just wait ’till you have children, kid…”

If you have any thoughts for good kid gifts (boy or girl), share ’em below.


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