Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

In the year gone by,

There was a government sequester

And red-ink-killed Blockbuster

And a picture ( and email and cell phones) intercepted by –

The NSA, says Snowden

And there was violence in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey

And two little “space attacks”; asteroid 2012 D14 missed Earth, but shockwave didn’t.

And a pair of popes, one old and one new

And a little US – Iran thaw

And a boy for Prince William and Kate

And court rulings did “stop and frisk”, DOMA and voting rights crush

And so much gun violence we shouted “Enough!”

Goodnight Nelson Mandela

Goodnight Peter O’Toole

Goodnight getting on healthcare.gov

Goodnight David Frost

And Elmore Leonard

Goodnight Frank Lautenberg

Goodnight James Gandolfini

Goodnight Slim Whitman

And goodnight Margaret Thatcher

Goodnight cicadas

And goodnight immigration overhaul

Goodnight Allan Arbus

And goodnight George Jones

Goodnight North Korean nukes

And goodnight Jonathan Winters

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight Candy Crush

And goodnight to Andre Cassagnes

He invented Etch-A-Sketch

Goodnight (other) stars

Goodnight air

Goodnight noises (mostly groans, sighs and tsks) everywhere

SEE YOU IN 2014!

(How much worse could it get?)


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