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2013 was The Year of the Podcast.

Mark it, you. It has been decreed. You can tell ’cause I used capitalization AND bold print.

Bow before the bold print.

Well, okay, there’ve actually been years of the podcasts. Podcasts have, of course, been around for some time. Maybe it’s more accurate to say 2013 was the year I really started paying attention to them. Before I really starred listening, I guess I assumed that podcasts were long, rambling monologues by monotone loners living in their mothers’ basements. Then, I realized that, no, that’s bloggers.

Ha! I slammed myself. A podcaster would never be self-assured enough for that.

Zing! Flipped the slam! Bloggers rule. Podcasters drool.

But enough trash talking. The holidays are about public drunkenness telling relatives what you really think of them joy and unity. The holidays are a time to embrace the things that make you happy (unless there’s a restraining order baring you from doing so) and sharing what you have with others (contagions make the world go round).

So! In that spirit, I thought I’d list a few of the podcasts that I like. Feel free to add some of yours in the comments.

Happy New Pod-Year!

Bookriot Hosted by Rebecca Schinsky and Jeff O’Neal, this is an unabashed book-geek-fest. Schinsky, I believe, works in publishing in some capacity and O’Neal is a literature professor, but mostly they just really love books and talking about the many and varied issues of the day in publishing and the sale of books. They have wide-ranging and differing, but complimentary, tastes in reading material. The show has sponsors and enthusiasms, but this show isn’t Random House or Harper Collins or anyone else trying to sell you a particular title. It’s just two people you can imagine having a glass of wine/beer with and chatting about books. I happily binge-listen to this one and always come away with many new titles for my already too long “to be read” list.

The Doctor Who Podcast Regular readers of the blog will not be surprised at all to find a Doctor Who entry on this list. If Bookriot is unabashed book-geek, the DWP is, well, just geeky. There are probably four or five regulars, a mix of British and American show fans, who participate in different combinations on the show. They dissect episodes, interview past writers and show runners and, occasionally, actors from the classic and modern era of the series, and speculate about what might be coming up with the series. Good stuff. Though, if you’re not already a HUGE fan of Doctor Who, this is not the podcast for you.

Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro Yes. I follow two podcasts related to Doctor Who. I also own several t-shirts and buy my kid DW toys so I can play with them. What’s your point? Anyway, Radio Free Skaro has a lot of similar content to the DWP, though the tone is slightly different. DWP is unapologetically geeky. Radio Free Skaro is geeky, but the combination of American and Canadian hosts on this one have a certain irreverence and humor that DWP doesn’t And between the two shows, I know a LOT more about Doctor Who than really anyone needs to.

The Nerdist Hosted by comedian and TV host Chris Hardwick, the nerdist podcast, like nerdist social media, TV shows and all the rest revel in all things geeky in film, Internet, music and pop culture. The Nerdist podcast could be a lame nerd-fest about things only six people in the world care about. But here’s the thing: Hardwick is a really good interviewer. On most of these podcasts, he spends an hour or hour-twenty one-on-one (or three on one if his sidekicks Matt and Jonah are there) in a room having a completely unedited conversation with a writer/actor/musician/comedian about their craft, their lives, their hopes and dreams. Most of it’s funny. Some of it’s sweet. And the guests are completely open and unguarded. You won’t get this depth on a late night talk show.

Those are the big ones I listen to. Yeah, they center mostly on Doctor Who and writing. (Did I mention The Nerdist Writers’s Panel hosted by Ben Blacker?) But that’s what I like. I do also enjoy various NPR podcasts, the comedy show The Thrilling Adventure Hour (co-created by Blacker and Ben Acker) and others. And I’m open to more! (Because of course, every podcast you listen to is one lest segment of time you have to spend talking to actual humans). Share yours below.



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