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New Year’s.

The holiday season blazed through on a comet’s tail of sugar and other assorted calories, endless reunions with relatives, alcohol and credit card debt.

But now it’s over. All around us are pants that don’t fit right, new toys were stumbling over and others – still in their packaging – that you just haven’t had time to open. Gift cards fill your wallet and you’re still snacking on leftover holiday cookies. A lot of kids are still off school, which means so are a lot of their parents.

It’s sort of like it’s still the holiday season only without the paid days off.

Remember how after M*A*S*H got cancelled in 1983, there was short-lived sequel called AfterMASH about the exploits of Potter, Klinger and Mulcahy? The post-holiday season is a little like that. The same stuff is around you. It looks sort of the same. But it’s not the same. You can put Klinger in a dress in Missouri instead of Korea or turn on Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” on December 28 but it’s not the same. Everything belongs where it belongs, when it belongs there.

Wait. That’s a crappy comparison. Must be tired from all the celebrating. Why try to extend the holidays past their normal expiration dates anyway? They’re exhausting. And expensive. (Put those words together and you get “expen-ting”. Just a little bonus blog-nugget for you.)

But, hey, January’s here. Time to relax.

So…how many days until Memorial Day?


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