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This post could be a tad bit spoilery, so if you’re not all caught up through the Christmas 2013 special, then perhaps you just want to bookmark this one for another time.

Right. Off we go then.

2013 was a big year for Doctor Who. Not many new episodes, but what we got, packed a punch. Out with the Ponds. In with Clara Oswald – the impossible girl. Nods to classic Who were woven into the various episodes, and put full frontal in “An Adventure in Space and Time.”

We found out about a whole other incarnation of the Doctor we never knew about – he’d be #9, then, or maybe just “other” Doctor or “the war Doctor”. It’s all very confusing.

“Day of the Doctor” marked the show’s 50th anniversary with a teaming of Doctors 10 and 11 and the war doctor (if you want to keep the original numbering system). And Tom Baker as…the curator! Or an alternate 4th Doctor incarnation…or something.

And…Gallifrey falls…no more!

And, of course, we got a regeneration. A whole new life cycle of 12 new regenerations lay in front of the Doctor.

Time Lords live. The Doctor has a whole new set of lives before him.

It’s a whole new era for the show. Maybe.

New shows won’t air until fall. Production has begun already, but just barely. We know a few things: Capaldi’s Doctor will have a Scottish accent. He’s gonna be a darker, grumpier Doctor than 10 or 11. Clara’s still on board. (For now anyway.)

Beyond that, we don’t have many details about the adventures. But it seems to me now, perhaps more than ever with the momentum of the 50th anniversary pushing the bounds of creativity, is a great time to give the show some new stuff. Keep the old stuff that’s good, mind you, but add in some things we fans of all these decades maybe haven’t seen.

By the way, I had a geek-moment today, when I read an article attached to this picture:


The picture shows Capaldi and Jenna Louise Coleman on the first day of production on Capaldi’s new era as the Doctor. The article I read noted that the BBC had been at great pains to say that Capaldi’s outfit is NOT his Doctor’s costume, which is something that is usually kept an even bigger secret than who’ll be playing the Doctor. The article went on, however, to praise Capaldi for his snappy sense of dress, as if these were his own clothes off the street.

PLEASE! This is obviously Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor costume that Capaldi is wearing because the regeneration just happened. Duh! If you’re going to write about Doctor Who, at least get your basic facts right. (I pulled this from BBC News, which captioned it correctly. The article I read, elsewhere, did not.)

Okay, the nerd-out is over.

Here’s a few of the things on my Doctor Who wish list for season 8:

  • A Turlough-esque companion. Or at least not a hot young sassy someone in love with the Doctor. The modern series and, really, most of the classic series, featured companions who were brave and funny and quirky and would pout and argue occasionally, but, for the most part, no one really challenges the Doctor and certainly doesn’t work to undermine him. Fifth Doctor companion Turlough did (though it was not really written all that well). How great would it be to see that sort of thing now?
  • A Cyberman origin story. I really liked Handles, the decapitated Cyberman head who is the Doctor’s unofficial companion all those centuries in “Time of the Doctor”. The Dalek origins have been gone over a lot. But, as often as Cybermen have appeared, we know very little about where they came from. Whose idea were they? What did the original cyborgs look like when they were only partly converted? Lots of questions. Let’s get some answers.
  • An epic, battlefield story. Not necessarily the Time War, but it would be compelling to see the Doctor in the trenches somewhere. One of my objections to the Martha Jones era is that she was a doctor (medical doctor) who never got to actually treat anyone. How cool would it be to see the Doctor in a battlefield hospital – Civil War, alien war, whatever – or on the front lines?
  • Take another crack at displaying the TARDIS interior. “Journey to the Center of the Tardis” just didn’t do it for me. If the finished product doesn’t match my vision, that’s okay, but at least give the TARDIS the courtesy of spending a little more time there.

What would you guys like to see?


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