Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


This is a novel I wrote some time ago:


When it came out, e-books weren’t really a thing. There was social media, but tweeting every thought and DM’ing each other hadn’t yet replaced social discourse.  Phones were smart, but not that smart.

There was no Smashwords.

But there is now!

This book is available on Smashwords (among other places in print and e-book). And I’m pimping it wherever and whenever I can.

Because that’s what people do now. Self-promotion isn’t to be apologized for anymore. It’s to be expected.

I don’ t know if that’s good, bad or indifferent. But I do know, when Smashwords decided to offer “Read An E-Book” specials all week, March 2-8, I wanted to get in on it. Never mind that my book is a holiday-themed Santa Claus story for adults and it’s March. Here’s a free chance to promote!

So I did.

Also, it’s a pretty darn good book. At least I think so.  Go check it out. You can order it anywhere all year round, but this week only, on Smashwords, IT IS FREE. Go get it, pay me nothing. All I ask is that, if you like it, leave a review somewhere, on Smashwords or wherever.

So that’s it. I have no shame, you have a free book.

Seems fair, doesn’t it?



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