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I don’t know anybody who’s happy.

That’s not to say I hang around with depressed, angry people; not exclusively anyway. The disaffected posers that defined the early years of Generation X have become the middle-management, mulch- laying, uptight suburb dwellers of today.

And we’re all grumpy about it.

And it’s not just Gen X. Millennials make their disaffected predecessors look like grinning idiots. The world is theirs and they know it. The generation has this weird bipolar component to it: part of it is activist, part of it is convinced everything should be handed to it.

Seniors are stressed out because they retired and and then discovered trusting Gen Xers and Millenials on Wall Street wasn’t the soundest investment strategy.

Moms firing F -bombs at each other in the preschool parking lot.

In 1988, Bobby McFerrin admonished us all to “Don’t Worry. Be Happy”.

What a difference a generation makes. Go ahead, name someone openly advocating HAPPY these days. Someone who isn’t medicated.

Maybe the problem isn’t that people aren’t happy, but that “happy” is to simplistic a concept. Maybe it isn’t an all or nothing concept, but rather a continuum of emotion ranging from Edvard Munch “The Scream” to Linus VanPelt, “Happiness is a Warm Puppy.”

Or maybe I’m just grumpy today. I’ll go have a snack. That’ll make me feel better.

That’s healthy. Right?


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