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The Law of Entropy says that everything in the universe is in a state of decay. In other words, stuff breaks.

And somebody’s gotta fix it.

Back in the caveman days, if something broke…well, they most likely left it where it was and moved on in pursuit of the next wooly mammoth, leaving behind some artifact for future generations to use in the epic battle over just exactly how old the world is.

In pioneer times, real men chopped down trees and built their own log cabins. If it got drafty, they just whipped up their own pine tar and slathered it on. Good as new. Or something like that. Me, I would have used Legos as I am hopeless with any other building materials. Pretty sure when the apocalypse comes, I’m doomed.

SIDE NOTE: British crazy person James May actually built a house out of Lego for a TV show. A real life, life-sized house where even the furniture was Lego. The toilet too. Peeing in a Lego toilet is every perennially nine-year-old kid’s dream. I. Want. To. Live. There. So. Much. If something broke, I could totally fix it.

Unlike pretty much anything that breaks in the real world. Today, if something in your day to day life breaks, it’s likely to be technology. Every generation is becoming more and more comfortable with tech in their daily lives.


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