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Why, hello, Jiminy Cricket! How are you?

What’s that? You have a story to tell us? Please do, Mr. Cricket!

*Puts on footie pajamas and pops the popcorn.*


Okay, here’s the thing. Don’t be tweeting me angry corrections, you entomologists.  I know the bug in the picture isn’t Jiminy Cricket. It’s a grasshopper. A bug. or maybe an insect. I don’t know. One or the other. (Stand down your tweeting thumbs, bug doctors.) Whatever it is, it attacked my vehicle during a gas stop on the way home from my Labor Day three-day weekend travels.

Once I bested the grasshopper in two out of three falls, I went inside. There were people working all over the place. On Labor Day.  Selling gas, mopping the restroom, stocking shelves.

That’s not new, right? We’ve all travelled, or hell, just been out in the world on Labor Day before. People are always working. Earlier in the day, I had lunch at a fast food place. People were working there too. Cops were out stopping speeders on the highway.

Lots of people out working on this holiday. And, here’s the thing, they all seemed really happy. When’s the last time you went to a fast food place and found happy people behind the counter? They were today.

But who exactly is Labor Day for? Have I misjudged the definition of the day? Does “Labor Day” mean a day to do work? I hope not. Mostly what I did is not shave, eat fatty food and drive down the road. Oh, and watched Doctor Who (*ding* obligatory Doctor Who reference.)

I think Labor Day is supposed to be a day off from working. So what were all these people doing?

“You know…” Jiminy Cricket says.

Yeah. I do.

The truth is, Labor Day isn’t a holiday for most laborers. It’s pretty much just a holiday for me, those like me with white-collar jobs and, evidently, a hell of a lot of old, retired people in RVs. (RV’s, really? Gas is like $4.00 a gallon.) If you’re a minimum wage earner or in law enforcement, no three-day weekend for you. Holidays that don’t have their own carols or aren’t tied to some sort of gift giving can be tricky. We forget what they’re really about. Labor Day is one of those. We should take the time on days like Labor Day to appreciate those who do the things – cook our burgers, make sure the gas pumps don’t explode –  that make our lives easier.

Go hug a cop.

*The blog is not authorized to post bail.*



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