Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


Here at Blog Central, we’re like Heinz. We do one thing and do it better than anyone: make ketchup.

Word ketchup, that is.

But lately, we’ve been feeling a little…restless. Ketchup is great. Goes with burgers, fries, and, if you’re my kid, Mac & cheese. (He also likes AMERICAN cheese and jelly sandwiches, but that’s a post for another time.) Likewise, the blog is great and can be just about anything wordy you want it to be,

But sometimes, you just get tired of ketchup. Sometimes, I just want, I dunno, some pickle relish.

That’s a lie. Pickle relish sucks.

But a little variety is nice. Maybe a spicy salsa. Or some honey mustard. Maybe a good balsamic something or other.

So what’s a word-based alternative condiment to ketchup-blogging?


It’s like blogging, only noisier. I listen to a lot of different ones. Some are informative – current events or science stuff. Others are about books or writing. Sometimes, I listen to pop culture casts about Doctor Who or X-Files, or maybe something from Nerdist. I enjoy the variety of mostly free – or pay what you want – entertainment.

I’d never really considered hosting a podcast of my own until recently when a couple viable ideas came to mind unexpectedly. I’m still not sure I want to do it, for a variety of reasons. Among them:

TIME COMMITMENT: I can write a blog post in an evening and upload it to all you folks to lap up like butter. Or something. But a podcast is a little more complicated. It could take a whole evening just to record it – sync up with guests maybe, technology issues, maybe having to re-record if the sound isn’t right. Then you need more time to edit the podcast, mix the sound just right, add any audio bits to the recording you need. Then distribute it. Definitely more complicated than tapping out 600 words and sending it through WordPress.

EXPENSE: lol that stuff I just said? It costs money. Typing a WordPress blog is free. But a podcast requires microphones and headphones. There might be a cost for editing software. There could be fees for cloud storage or uploading. Some blogs make money from ads or Patreon support or whatever. Not being sure yet what kind of pod I would cast, I don’t know if there’s any likelihood for revenue. I wouldn’t go into it with the expectation of making money, so the cost is an especially important consideration.

THE WEIRDNESS FACTOR: there’s one more consideration when deciding to podcast that you don’t have when blogging. Other people can actually up hear your voice. Worse, you can hear yourself. People always think they sound funny on audio recordings, I suppose because, weirdly, no one really knowswhat they sound like. Not exactly. Yet, when you podcast, you trust that you sound reasonably not-creepy.

So, I don’t know. The lure of a new creative outlet is hard to resist. But is this particular one worth the effort? Maybe. If the idea is good enough…

If any podcasters out there have some guidance, let me know.

So we’ll see. Watch this space. And the, uh, airwaves. Or Internet waves.

I’ve got lots to learn.


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