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Okay, so how do I know my kids enjoyed this?


Because, when it was over, they ran around the hotel room singing songs from the show like this:


Mary Poppins on stage rocks. Not because it’s the Julie Andrews movie transplanted to the stage. It’s great because it is its own thing. Trying to recreate the movie would be a mistake. Instead, we get an original show based on famous characters from the P.L. Travers books.

To be sure, they do use some of the movie tunes, like “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and “Jolly Holiday”. But there are a lot of original tunes and characters. The show is bouncy and colorful, but Mary is a bit sterner character more in line with the books. Mr. Banks has more darkness and backstory. Mrs. Banks is way more fleshed out and has a story arc of her own.

I loved it. We had awesome front row, center stage seats at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre in Chanhassen, MN. Year 2 of my family’s now annual tradition of attending a show at this favored place from my own childhood did not disappoint. Well, not entirely. I was a little bummed this guy didn’t talk like in the movie:


But I’ll get over it. Yes, we bought the souvenir parrot-head umbrella. AND the carpet bag purse. AND the charm bracelet, teddy bear and soda cups. All worth it. I’d go again, given the opportunity.

We saw “The Little Mermaid” last year. Now “Mary Poppins”. Can’t wait to see next year’s schedule.


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  1. I’d pay to see Mary Poppins any day. Did you guys wow at her floating exit? Or did they do away with that for a touring production?

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