Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


Maybe I should put up those signs they put around construction sites so people don’t fall into the holes Eddie Excavator dug, but Denny Dumptruck was too sleepy to fill in. (My six-year-old has a lot of construction books.)

Assuming you’re not lying in a battered, bloody heap at the bottom of the blog pit unable to form coherent thought, you’ve probably noticed a lack of new content in this space for a while – a crater in the landscape of knowledge I impart here on a regular basis. There’s a couple reasons for this:

Here’s one:


His name is Charlie. He’s an eight-month-old horse lab mix. He’s very well behaved when not punching through doors. The cats are pissed.

Here’s another:


I recently attended the Midwest Writers Conference at Ball State in Indiana. This is an excellent mix of workshops, panels and just general writing inspiration for writers and writing professionals from newbie to veteran. I came away with a whole new perspective on a thing I’ve been writing and am really busy right now rewriting. Which brings me to another thing:

Blogging might continue to be light for a while. I’ve got a number of exciting things in the works that are demanding my time. But don’t go away! Watch for the flashing lights around this site. One day soon, Earl the Flatulent Blog-Road Opener will shuffle out from the trailer to tell you we’re open for business again. In the meantime, enjoy the archives and, of course, look for me @carnivalofglee on Twitter.


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