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My mind wanders.  Usually I inflict my weird ideas on my spouse, but this time I thought I’d dust off the ol’ blog to tell the world the important discovery I’ve made. I hope you’re all sitting down.

The Will Forte vehicle “The Last Man on Earth” is totally the same show as animated Disney Junior show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”. I’m crazy, you say. Well, consider a few facts:

FACT: on LMOE, the only people in the world are the ones in that one house. On MMC, the only people are the ones in the clubhouse.

FACT: On, LMOE, there’s a lot of sexual innuendo. On MMC, hardly anyone wears pants.

FACT: On LMOE, they’re constantly throwing parties and events and contests and the only attendees are themselves. Ditto, MMC.

FACT: On LMOE,  someone is always messing up (usually Phil) and someone else fixes it (usually Carol). Same plot on MMC, Donald or Goofy mess up and Mickey picks up the pieces.

The cast is pretty much made up of the same character types too. Only the names are changed to protect  the guilty.

Phil = Goofy
Carol = Clara Belle
Gail (also Mike) = Pete
Melissa = Daisy Duck
Todd = Mickey
Erica = Minnie
The other Phil =Donald

All TV is connected,  man. I’m still trying to link “Diners, Drive-in and Dives” to “The Americans”. Stay tuned.

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