Here's a blog because NOBODY else has one!


(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)
December 19, 2018

In the year gone by

There was a migrant caravan

And a female Doctor Who

And a picture of –

A super blue blood moon

And in the U.S., there were three mass shootings…

And then over 300 more…

And the federal court showed Obamacare the door

And lots of bad romaine lettuce

And no Miss America bikinis to vex us

And sadly departed McCain, Barbara and George Bush

And Trump special prosecutors whispering “hush”

Goodnight Stan Lee

Goodnight Carroll Spinney

Goodnight Virgin Galactic (almost) jumping the moon

Goodnight Kofi Annan

And Aretha Franklin

Goodnight trade wars

Goodnight wildfires

Goodnight Harlan Ellison

And goodnight Neil Simon

Goodnight bump stocks

And goodnight Thai cave rescuers. You beat the clock

Goodnight bad climate report

And goodnight Olympic sport

Goodnight Paul Allen

And goodnight condoned assaulting

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight Stephen Hawking

And goodnight to trying to get journalists to “hush”

Goodnight stars

Goodnight air

Goodnight all of us everywhere


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