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This month, episode 34 is booting one through the ol’ uprights with not one but TWO football themed episodes. 

First up is IT’S YOUR FIRST KISS, CHARLIE BROWN from 1977. Charlie Brown’s kicking prowess is all that stands between victory and defeat in the big Homecoming game. (Never mind that this is usually a high school thing. Peppermint Patty has a game to win!) Will the Little-Red-Haired-Girl-turned-Homecoming-Queen have Chuck banished from the royal realm? How much power do Homecoming queens actually have?

Next, we check out YOU’RE IN THE SUPERBOWL, CHARLIE BROWN. Except he’s not. This 1994 tie-in with that year’s Superbowl finds World Famous Coach Snoopy trying to lead his team of birds to Animal Football League glory while Linus and Charlie Brown vie for the affections of New Girl in Town Melodie Melodie even as they get ready for the “punt pass kick” contest where they could win a new bike..also, a Superbowl ticket. Just one though. 

Does that Superbowl one sound fun? Want to buy a copy to watch? You can! If you time travel to 1994! And get your gas at Shell Stations! And still have a functioning VHS player! Listen to the episode to have this explained. But if you time travel BEFORE you listen, you’ll spoil the ending. 

We’ve also got a “Peanuts by Schulz” short called “Company” and another “Random Strip of the Month”. Send us your Random Strip submissions right now … after you listen, of course. 

Here’s the 1999 Hartford Current article expressing the belief that Schulz overstayed his welcome.

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Mining by Moonlight” and “Bass Walker”.

Thanks to Henry Pope for the use of his “Linus & Lucy” remix. Check out his music on Soundcloud here.

It’s a Podcast, Charlie Brown – show notes, social media and more

Atari Bytes – Hey! That’s my other show!

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Check out this episode!


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