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So I read this piece from a link on Twitter recently. For those of you who can’t tear yourself away from the fine edu-info-excellento-entertainment this blog offers, here’s a summary:

Bill “Mr. B” Wiley, owner and proprietor of Mr. B’s Bookery in Kingston, Washington, was having health issues and was going to have to close the shop. In walks writer Danya Simkus who offers to help.

Next thing you know, she’s a coowner with her fiancee and Wiley’s son.

On one hand, this is an example of someone stepping up to save a dying institution – the local, independent bookstore. On the other hand, it’s an example of the ultimate author’s fantasy. Well, other than sitting around all day in your underwear making up stories. The OTHER fantasy is owning a bookstore.

And Danya Simkus did it.

I like both aspects of the story. Somehow the institutions we treasure most manage to go on even in the midst of dire predictions of their extinction. Indie bookstores, hell, even print books, are supposed to be dead. Here’s an example of why that isn’t gonna happen without a fight.

Also, how cool is it to spend ALL DAY talking about BOOKS, thumbing through them, touching them, drooling on them, whispering sweet nothings into…

What was I saying?

Oh, right. Yay, Mr. B’s!


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