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(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

In the year gone by,

There was the inauguration of the 45th US President

And fidget spinners

And a picture of

The sun blocked by the moon

And three sets of women changed the world: Wonder Woman, #MeToo, the 13th Doctor (Who)

And ten Earth-like planets, 40 light years away.

And hurricanes blew things away

And Obamacare wasn’t repealed

And Cub Scouts chose to allow girls

And Comey and Gorsuch and North Korean  in a nuclear rush

And assault victims demanded no more saying “hush”.

Goodnight, Rickles

Goodnight, Adam West

Goodnight, Gene Cernan who jumped over the moon

Goodnight, Tom Petty

And gun victims gone too soon

Goodnight, wild fires

Goodnight, Chuck Barris

Goodnight, Mary Tyler Moore

And goodnight, ‘net, neutral no more

Goodnight, Judge Wapner

And goodnight, Hugh Hefner

Goodnight, Ringling Brothers

And all those who help others.

Goodnight, Dick Gregory.

And goodnight, original Godzilla, master of the Tokyo crush

Goodnight, nobody.

Goodnight, Keystone Pipeline oil gush

And goodnight to the powerful, white men whispering “hush”.

Goodnight, Northern White Rhino, we fear

Goodnight, air.

Goodnight, noises everywhere.



(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

In the year gone by,

There was a government sequester

And red-ink-killed Blockbuster

And a picture ( and email and cell phones) intercepted by –

The NSA, says Snowden

And there was violence in Syria, Egypt, and Turkey

And two little “space attacks”; asteroid 2012 D14 missed Earth, but shockwave didn’t.

And a pair of popes, one old and one new

And a little US – Iran thaw

And a boy for Prince William and Kate

And court rulings did “stop and frisk”, DOMA and voting rights crush

And so much gun violence we shouted “Enough!”

Goodnight Nelson Mandela

Goodnight Peter O’Toole

Goodnight getting on healthcare.gov

Goodnight David Frost

And Elmore Leonard

Goodnight Frank Lautenberg

Goodnight James Gandolfini

Goodnight Slim Whitman

And goodnight Margaret Thatcher

Goodnight cicadas

And goodnight immigration overhaul

Goodnight Allan Arbus

And goodnight George Jones

Goodnight North Korean nukes

And goodnight Jonathan Winters

Goodnight nobody

Goodnight Candy Crush

And goodnight to Andre Cassagnes

He invented Etch-A-Sketch

Goodnight (other) stars

Goodnight air

Goodnight noises (mostly groans, sighs and tsks) everywhere

SEE YOU IN 2014!

(How much worse could it get?)


In past years, on the website www.carnivalofglee.com I’ve taken some time at the end of the year to chronicle some of the notable events of the year gone by…just like everyone else does. To help shake things up a little, and because I have young children and am therefore steeped in the literature, my year-in-review is presented in the style of the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon”. Get cozy, children. Nighty-night!


(With apologies to Margaret Wise Brown)

In the year gone by,

There were government budget deals – okay, not really.

And killer cantaloupe

And satellite pictures of…

Earth-like Kepler 22-b

And presidential wannabes marching through Iowa

And two dead terror leaders

And a pair of royals – Kate and Wills!

And a little Muppet action on the big screen

And an NBA lockout

And riots in London and Egypt and Syria

And a quiet old man predicting the world’s end

Goodnight Borders Books

Goodnight Wisconsin (and all) public employees

Goodnight tsunamis, tornadoes, quakes and Charlie Sheen

Goodnight Oprah show

And “All My Children”

Goodnight Steve Jobs

Goodnight Elisabeth Sladen

Goodnight Harry Morgan

And goodnight college scandals

Goodnight European economies

And goodnight “Family Circus” creator Bil Keane

Goodnight BK King

And goodnight Amy Winehouse

Goodnight Liz Taylor

And goodnight Murdoch’s “News of the World”

Goodnight Jack Lalaine

Goodnight Sidney Lumet

And goodnight to the war in Iraq (we hope)

Goodnight Jerry Lewis at MDA

Goodnight Joe Frazier

Goodnight occupiers everywhere

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