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It’s a nice sounding word.


Comfort, security, familiarity.


Um…past tense of make.

That’s nice too.

I’ve been making a fair amount of stuff at home that, in the past, I would have bought. I’ve chronicled several of my home-brewing adventures in this space (well, brewing from a kit).

But I’ve also made a fair amount of ice cream lately, including an excellent batch of black coffee ice cream with espresso hot fudge sauce that I made from a recipe I got here.

We expanded our backyard garden this year too. We put in one of those dirt boxes last year, but between the drought and not really knowing what we were doing, we didn’t yield much of a harvest. This year, we expanded to two dirt boxes. We’ve got corn and peas and lettuce and tomatoes and broccoli and, uh, pizza rolls and sweat socks. Anyway, lots of stuff.

It’s fun, all this home-making stuff. Cheaper than store-bought. Healthier too. And in an age when so many things like car repair or computer trouble-shooting require specialized skills you just don’t possess, it’s nice to be able to still do some things for myself.

So what’s next? Butter churning? Squirrel taxidermy? With funny hats? Homemade, of course.

The possibilities are endless.


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