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So. Friday was a day.

Pretty much a day like any other. I’ve written in this space before about how different days have a “feel”. But this past Friday just felt…meh. Got up. Went to work. Waited for the day to pass.

But when lunchtime rolled around, I thought, “Time for something different.” So, I got in the car, but it was more than a car today. Today, it was a vessel that would transport me to sixty minutes of epic excitement.

I drove down the usual road. But I didn’t stop at any of the usual haunts, despite the persistent siren call of mediocre meals. I was a hungry man; hungry for something better than the typical fare. I may only have an hour of freedom, but, by god, it was going to be one bitchin’ hour.

So I drove. There’s a place! Nah. There’s another one! Oh, the lot’s full. Hey, how about this place? I go there all the time…

I drove on. Farther than I usually drive. The drive part was starting to cut into the eating time I’d allotted. Gotta stop soon. Time to grab a vine and leap over the alligator fire-pit (boy, those alligators are pissed) to reach my caloric zenith.

So, I made a decision. And rolled to a stop in front of…

This place.

Subway photo


Well, the sandwich was pretty good. I guess.

Then I went back to work.

Maybe I can have an adventure next Friday…

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