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So, I sort of accidentally on purpose started a podcast. That’s the logo up top of this post. I was a big Atari kid for a few years of my childhood. And now, a few years later, I still think about those games now and then.

Thing is, I’m not really thinking about the gameplay. I’m thinking about the stories within the games. Why did they send a plumber to takes down Donkey Kong. What was the Defender defending? What was Yar trying to get revenge against? Why did those robots go berserk?

Out of those questions, a podcast was born. ATARI BYTES isn’t really an Atari 2600 game review cast. It’s a storytelling podcast. Each episode looks at whether the universes these games work in hold up to scrutiny. I try to answer questions like those above. If the answer isn’t there…I make it up.

Episode Zero, an introductory episode, is up on iTunes. Please do check it out. Let me know what you think. Follow the show @ataribytes or like the show on Facebook. You can follow me @carnivalofglee. You’ll also find show notes at ataribytes.libsyn.com/podcast.

And as always, if you enjoy the show, leave a review to help other people find the show.

Now, go play some old games. They’ve missed you.

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